Astrometeorology in the Instituto de Física y Astronomía emphasizes site testing in search of optimal locations for the installation of astronomical observatories, involving climatic and meteorological study and research for each particular case in question.

It also undertakes the optimization of operations in astronomical observatories by implementing a detailed forecast of the weather for planned observing nights, taking into account the optical as well as radio-astronomy frequencies.

To this end it has strengthened research in optical turbulence, seeing and PWV, using modern meteorological tools as well as mesoscale atmospheric models, implemented especially for the astronomy sites of interest.

For the execution and development of projects involving all the above, the members of the Instituto de Física y Astronomía have formed the Astrometeorology Group.


Astrometeorology Group

Meteorology Department (Universidad de Valparaíso)

Interdisciplinary Center for Atmospheric Studies and Statistics (CEAAS)