Instituto de Física y Astronomía

y Centro de Astrofísica de Valparaíso

Our team studies massive stars in general and Be, B[e] and SG in particular. Our approach is both theoretical and observational.

M. Curé is responsible for the theoretical part where he studies and develops different hydrodynamical methods to study winds and mass loss. Our team is expert in developing codes such as HydWind as well as using and ameliorating different state of the art codes such as SIMECA, MC3D, FastWind, CMFGEN and HDUST.

Responsible in the applications part is S. Kanaan where different observations programs are active in order to understand the mass loss of massive stars in general and Be and B[e] stars disk formation in particular.
In the observational part we are conducting a spectroscopic survey on Be stars as well as interferometric (VLTI) observations in order to constrain the disk geometry and its Kinematics.

Our group is working with different collaborators from around the globe combining theory and observations which will allow us to better understand these fascinating objects that play an important role in the enrichment of our Universe by heavy elements as well as the understanding of star evolution


Professors:  Jura Borissova - Matthias Schreiber - Samer Kanaan - Michel Curé

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