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A large number of stars are born as members of multiple star systems and in a significant fraction of these the stellar components interact during their life. These binary star interactions lead to the formation of some of the most interesting and fascinating objects in our Galaxy such as for example black hole binaries, cataclysmic variables, hot subdwarfs, or millisecond pulsars. In addition, close compact binaries are thought to produce the most powerful explosions in the Universe (short Gamma-ray bursts) and supernova Ia which have led to discovery of dark energy. 

The investigators in this area cover:

Cataclysmic Variables and Novas

Compact Binary Star Evolution and SN Ia Progenitors

Hot Subdwarf Stars


Professors: Matthias Schreiber - Radostin Kurtev - Michel Curé - Nikolaus Vogt - Maja Vuckovic - Amelia Bayo - Claus Tappert

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