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Claus Tappert

Dr.rer.nat.: Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Alemania (Alemania).
Research Area: Cataclysmic Variables, Binary Stars, Novae
Publications: ADS
: (+56 32) 299 5551

email: claus.tappert at uv.cll

About my research: I am mainly working on Cataclysmic Variables (CVs). These are close interacting binary stars, with the primary component (the more massive one) being a white dwarf, and the secondary component usually being a late-type (K-M) star, that is on, or at least close to, the main-sequence. The latter star transfers matter via Roche-lobe overflow into the gravitational regime of the primary star. Depending on the strength of the white dwarf's magnetic field, this matter is accreted by the primary either via an accretion disc, or via accretion columns that form along the magnetic field lines (in case of a strong field). While I have dabbled in several aspects of CV research, my current interest concerns their evolution, and specifically the role of the nova eruption in this.

See my research in: Cataclysmic Variables and Novas - Variability

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