Instituto de Física y Astronomía

y Centro de Astrofísica de Valparaíso


At the University of Valparaiso, the undergraduate physics curriculum has a solid basis in Physics, Mathematics and Computing, as well as a design that allows students a wide range of future goals. You can opt for a specialization in one of three areas; Astronomy, Atmospheric Sciences and Scientific Computing, studies that will prepare you to follow a postgraduate program or, through the specialization in Atmospheric Sciences, to opt for the professional title of Meteorologist.

The classes are designed for those who want to become scientists. Since the first semester, the courses are oriented to the way physicists think. Their size (usually less than twenty students) is small enough to deliver personalized assistance. This ensures that each year's cohort forms a strong social link from the beginning. It is important to note that teachers teach both pre and postgraduate courses.

In addition to teachers, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students, there are about thirty doctors in our Institute. This means that students have many opportunities to join research teams. Nearly 90% of undergraduate students in physics participate in research projects and many graduate as co-authors of one or two scientific articles.


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