Instituto de Física y Astronomía

y Centro de Astrofísica de Valparaíso


PhD: Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (2007)

Research Area: Perturbative QFT; Feynman diagrams; Method of Brackets
Publications: ADS - INSPIRE
: (+56 32) 250 8226

email: ivan.gonzalez at uv.c

About my research:  My main research projects are connected with:
- Higher-order calculations in perturbative QCD.
- Development of methods and analytical techniques for evaluating Feynman diagrams.
- Computer Algebra Application to Mathematics and Physics.
- Heuristic calculus and applications to integrals and differential equations.
- Study and applications of special functions.

Teaching: Introductory Physics, Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics I, Quantum Mechanics II, Advanced Quantum Mechanics, Mathematical Methods of Physics II.

See my research in: Particle Physics

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