PhD in Physics, Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia




Cosmology and modified gravity theories

I am interested in the physics of the early universe, cosmic inflation, cosmological perturbations, cosmic background radiation (CBR) physics, modified gravity theories, gravitational waves, and all theoretical and observational aspects of cosmological and gravitational theories. I am studying the effects of modifications in the inflaton potential in primordial perturbations. These modifications could help phenomenologically model local bumps in the RCF spectrum or classify primordial non-Gaussianity. They could also help distinguish between models predicting the same primordial spectrum and/or bispectrum.

I am also constructing modified theories of gravity, such as the scalar-tensor and vector-tensor theories of gravity. In particular, I am constructing the generalized Proca theories SU(2) “beyond”. In the near future, I intend to study the cosmological implications of these theories.


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