Important information regarding the start of the semestre

Dear undergraduate and postgraduate students

Due to the COVID-19 contingency, the beginning of classes for the 2020 semester for undergraduate students (and shared subjects with postgraduate students) will begin on Monday, April 06 according to the original schedule of the corresponding subject but the classes will be done online.

In the case of postgraduate students, information about the start of classes will be provided by the postgraduate coordination of the Faculty of Sciences. However, they should contact the teacher of each subject to have details of their schedule.

The online platform utilized in each course will depend on the Prof. teaching that course. All the material will be provided via e-courses, Virtual Classroom, Google Classroom, or other platforms. 

When having online live classes the Prof. in charge of the course will send an email to all the students so that they can join the video call at the corresponding time. You must accept the link and it will immediately transfer you to the platform.

The platforms most used by academics are Zoom and Google meet, in both cases they will receive an invitation to join the video call via email. From the computer, tablet or phone, just press the link and make sure to install the application beforehand (by clicking on the link, the operating system will ask you to install the app).

If you have doubts about the enrollment of courses please contact:

  • The director of the undergraduate programme: Omar Cuevas via email at with a copy to the secretary María Isabel
  • The director of the postgraduate program: with a copy to the postgraduate secretary

You can visit this page for tutorias on several online resources:

Hoping this information will be useful to you,

Best regards

IFA outreach team.