Postgrad students

Students organized by year of entry into the program. Those students that have completed our Masters program before the PhD are listed for both.

Nicolás Medina PhD  
Felipe Lagos PhD In the NPF
Yaherlyn Diaz PhD In the Anillo SBH
Murat Uzundag PhD  
Javier Arancibia PhD In the NPF
Aurora Aguayo PhD In the NPF
Erick Contreras Masters In the NPF
Catalina Zamora Masters In the NPF
Daniela Palma Masters  
Ramses Jerez Masters  
Nicolás Godoy PhD In the NPF and the MPTG
Fian Carina PhD Visitor
Stephania Hernandez PhD  
Mario Herrera PhD Visitor
Alejandra Melo PhD  
Sebastián Zuñiga PhD In the NPF and the MPTG
Aurora Aguayo Masters Graduated (currently in PhD)
Rosamaria Carraro PhD In the Anillo SBH
Irma Fuentes PhD  
Alex Gormaz PhD  
Hugo Mendez PhD  
Alejandro Santamaria PhD In the NPF
Javier Arancibia Masters Graduated (currently in PhD)
Alexander Contreras Masters  
Nicolás Godoy Masters Graduated (currently in PhD)
Felipe Lagos Masters Graduated (currently in PhD)
Catalina Arcos PhD Graduated (currently staff in the IFA)
Daniela Iglesias PhD In the NPF
Alexandra Ka Po Yip PhD  
Nicolás Medina Masters Graduated (currently in PhD)
Vicente Villanueva Masters Graduated (currently in PhD)
Ignacio Araya PhD Graduated
Adam Hardy PhD Graduated
Claudio Navarro PhD Graduated
Carolina Agurto Masters Graduated
Miguel Angel Fernández Masters Graduated
Catalina Arcos Masters Graduated
Irma Fuentes Masters Graduated
Guillermo Retamales Masters  
Karina Rojas Masters Graduated
Ignacio Araya Masters Graduated
Alexander Bonilla Masters Graduated
Patricia Rojas Masters Graduated
Francisco Peñaloza Masters Graduated
Odette Toloza Masters Graduated

NPF refers to the Núcleo Milenio of Planet Formation.
MPTG refers to the Max-Planck Tandem Group.
Anillo SBH refers to the Anillo of Supermassive Black Holes.

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