Diah Gunawan

PhD in Astronomy, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Netherlands

(+56 32) 250 8457
diahgunawan at uv.cl



Massive stars, stellar winds, colliding winds, dust formation, winds-ISM interactions.

Massive stars live fast and powerful lives and die young with a bang, leaving lots of marks to their host galaxies. My research focuses on the observation of mass and energy lost during different evolutionary stages of massive stars. Of particular interest is the interactions of these exerted matter and energy in multiple stellar systems, in clusters and in galaxies, either with other stellar winds or with the interstellar matter. One result of the interactions of stellar winds of massive stars is dust formation as observed around some massive stars in our Galaxy and in other galaxies. The puzzle I am trying to unravel is how dust can form in the violent environs of stellar winds of massive stars.