Mónica Zorotovic

PhD in Astrophysics, Pontifícia Universidad Católica de Chile

(+56 32) 250 8250
monica.zorotovic at uv.cl



Binary population synthesis models, common envelope phase, cataclysmic variables, origin of magnetic fields in white dwarfs
My work focuses on the simulation of close compact binary stars, and the comparison of these with observational data. I focus mainly on the study of post common-envelope systems, which are close binaries composed of a white dwarf and a low-mass main sequence star, as well as cataclysmic variables, in which the main sequence star stably transfers mass to the white dwarf. Using binary population synthesis models and reconstructing the evolution of the observed systems, I try to better understand the evolution of close binaries, especially the common envelope phase and the loss of angular momentum in close systems. Recently, I have also been investigating the origin of strong magnetic fields detected in white dwarfs, especially in cataclysmic variables.