Jura Borissova

PhD in Astronomy, University of Sofia, Bulgaria

(+56 32) 250 8312
jura.borissova at uv.cl




Star formation, stellar clusters, Milky Way galaxy, infrared astronomy, massive stars, variable stars

My research is focused on the study of resolved stellar populations in our Galaxy and the Local group. Currently I am working on several projects with the aim to better understand the processes of the formation and evolution of open and globular Galactic star clusters. Other lines of my research interest are variable stars in star clusters and proper motion. I am using mainly Vista Variables in Via Lactea ESO Large Survey, which scan the disk and bulge of the Galaxy in the near-infrared for 5 years. The obtained from this survey photometry is complemented with follow-up spectroscopy. Recently, I was also involved in APOGEE 2 spectroscopic survey, and I am a member of the Millennium Institute of Astrophysics, MAS.


Undergraduate: Física I, Física II, Ondas y Óptica, Astrofísica Estelar, Astrofísica Estelar Avanzada
Postgraduate: Tópicos en Astrofísica, Trabajo de Investigación