José Villanueva

PhD in Physics, Pontifícia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile

(+56 32) 299 5557
jose.villanueva at



Inflation, reheating, dark energy (DE), dark matter (DM), DE-DM interaction, geodesics, tests of general relativity, exact solutions.

My main research areas are the theory of gravitation and cosmology. In gravitation, my interest resides in the study of the motion of particles (neutral and electrically charged) across different space-times, putting special attention on the classical tests of the general relativity to compare it with available observational data. In cosmology, I focus on the study of the dynamic behavior of the universe at different epochs, especially in the inflationary era and the accelerated expansion regimen, using alternative models which are tested using the most current data available.


Undergraduate: Mecánica Clásica, Mecánica Estadística, Ondas y Óptica, Laboratorio de Electromagnetismo, Cosmología, Relatividad General, Física Nuclear, Procesos Físicos en Astrofísica.