Michel Curé

PhD in Physics, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, Germany

(+56 32) 250 5519
michel.cure at uv.cl




Massive stars, stellar winds, hydrodynamics, radiative transport, numerical methods, astrostatistics, astrometeorology

My main line of research is massive stars, and particularly the manner in which they lose mass (stellar winds and hydrodynamics). We use different codes for obtaining the synthetic spectra of stars, Hydwind (developed by our group), FASTWIND & CMFGEN for radiative transport. We also do research in astrostatistics, applying new statistic tools for solving astrophysical problems, for example in the distribution of rotational velocities of stars or the distribution of mass ratios in binary systems. Another area we cover is astrometeorology, that is, understanding and predicting the atmospheric conditions over international observatories built in Chile. We pay particular attention to precipitable water vapor predictions and seeing.